Information on Winterization in Omaha, Nebraska

The information below contains instructions that will help through the sprinkler system freeze protection process. You can prevent water damage to your backflow by properly draining down your irrigation system. The rest of the system should drain itself. You can call us to verify. One of our representatives can help you with this process. Click below to print or download the winterization instructions:

Winterization Instructions


Draining Procedure:

1. Close the main shut off valve in the basement.
2. Turn the ball valves to 45 degrees and leave them in this position for the winter.
3. Turn the test cock screws to 45 degrees with a straight screw driver.
4. Open the outlet drain valve completely and leave it this way for the winter. (It is located outside.)
5. Place a bucket under the upstream drain valve and open it. Leave it open all winter with the bucket underneath.

Spring Turn-On

1. Close all the ball valves, test cocks & drains. The ball valves and test cock screws run in the opposite direction they are on, when closed.
2. Turn the water on in the basement slowly, after everything has been closed.
3. Go outside and open the 2 valve handles when you hear the water fill up and stop. The handles run in the same direction as the pipe they are on when they are open all the way. Leave everything else closed. Turn the bottom ball valves on first.
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New Sod Watering Schedule


Rotor Zones

First 2 Weeks: 35 minutes, 3 times a day
Week 3- 35 Minutes: 2 times a day
Week 4 and after: 35 minutes, once per day

Spray Zones

First 2 Weeks: 15 minutes, 3 times a day
Week 3: 15 Minutes, 2 times a day
Week 4 and after, 15 minutes, once per day
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